Matheline Marmy

Flux Laboratory - Looming, opening 28.04.23


Mondriaan Prospects 2023 - 09-13.02 2023
duo-presentation with Jobi Bicos, Hit, Geneve, opening 23.09.2022
AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz Residency, September 2022 - February 2023
Frictioned Functionality : Autumn school at Matters of Activity, Cluster of Excellence, Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin, 17-22 October 2022

Earthbound, at Windhager von Kaenel, Zurich. 10.06.2022-30.07.2022
Elementary Pulses, solo exhibition at The Lighthouse, Zurich. 09.06.2022-03.07.2022
A sa propre allure, at La Grange/UNIL, Lausanne. 25.02.2022-30.06.2022 - conversation podcast
Maze Camp, WallStreet, Fribourg


Junctures I (Contact Vector), 2022

water, silica gel, iron sulfate, tartaric acid, iron tartrate crystals, copper wires, hand-blown glass, stainless steel 35x6x6 cm
View at The Lighthouse, Zurich. Photo: Simon Jared